Target or Walmart?

For about 4 months I have been a frequent participant of Twitter a “micro-blogging” or instant messaging site depending on who you ask. Either way Twitter is a very effective way to get much feedback quickly, see Twitter Why Follow?

On August 8th I posted a simple question Target or Walmart? Not elaborating what so ever, yet the responses did roll in…over the following 3 days 113 responses to the question. The results were: Target-104, Walmart-5, depends, 4. I was a bit surprised by the numbers.

Some of the Twitter responses… @veronicaeye:TARGET! @JooleeAnnA:TARGET!!! @GridironGoddess:target.never ever ever walmart. @tattooedmommie Target or Walmart = it depends, I do both but hate both on any given day. @mmWine:Target. I only go to Wally World if i have NO OTHER OPTIONS @tag156:Walmart for us @girlgamy: OK not sure what this is but I HATE Walmart as a corp and will never shop there and LOVE TARGET & would love a spending spree @lbonline247 Target. Walmart is too big and distracting. With all the TV’s playing I forget what I went in there for. @assignmentdesk7:Target. Target. Target @ShoeSmitten:Target all the way! @kikarose:TARGET! All the way. Walmart is too depressing. @moldymom:Target all the way for me. @erincharp:Target, all the way! I haven’t been to Walmart in YEARS. @workoutmommy:definitely Target!

Just a handful of Twitter responses…..why do the positive responses overwhelmingly support Target?

Where do you prefer to shop? Walmart or Target and why?