Just Respond Darn It!

For a few years now I have been on this crazy kick trying to understand why most individuals don’t respond, whether it be via email, voice,  pony express etc.  Initially I just accepted it as human nature…but why? Why don’t people respond? Is it  geographical a issue (laid back, too busy), procrastination, fear respondof being rude? Does the non-responding individual have an ego problem? Personally I have much more respect for an individual that is willing to share not so good news than an individual that hides and doesn’t respond. Don’t you?

I want to share with you one of my favorites chrisbrogan, his site is one that  I visit on a regular basis.  His post 10 Things You Could Do Better Today got my attention of course! Have a look at # 1 !

The list…

1. Improve your response time to requests. <–I might add respond at all.
2. Improve the brevity and simplicity of your email correspondence.
3. Connect with five new people and seven existing colleagues or friends each day.
4. Inspect your business process cycle from start to finish for improvements.
5. Rethink your approach to helping others succeed.
6. Increase the amount of times you connect others together to build new relationships.
7. Resolve three pieces of unfinished business, no matter how painful.
8. Live closer to your goals and your main points of focus, and less by reaction.
9. Take time to thank the people who make your life possible.
10. Rest and unplug.

The other 9 are very useful points as well! So why do you think people don’t respond? Is it intentional or unintentional? Does the mind start playing tricks on us when we don’t have an answer…….we deserve a response. Don’t we? Just respond darn it!

Leader / Manager

A leader can be any individual within a specific group or task that is taking charge and “getting things done”. A leader is an individual that can pull a group together or get results individually.

A manager is similiar with the added responsibility of ensuring personnel coordination, time lines are met, morale is positive within the group, overseeing and applying the necessary resource to the project. The overall scope and responsibility lies with the manager. Understanding the employee as an individual, each person tends to have a different catalyst for motivation.
The most important trait is RESPONSIVENESS, far to many times have I seen the lack of response from a co-worker, boss, vendor etc. turn the issue into a speculation game. People will start to come to their own conclusions and this could negatively affect the company. Again Identifying one’s strengths and Responsiveness are important actions to apply.

An article in Business Week says :

“Business leaders are often compared to performing artists. Both are on stage a great deal and are expected to sway audiences. The best leaders and performers often rely on dramatic flair to ensure that what they say is memorable and moves others to action.”

Either way learning and growing should be constant.