Respect In the Workplace

“All I want is some respect.”

Have you heard these words before? My bet is, we all have at least once or more. What types of conclusions do you make when looking at somebody, or when they look at you? Respect or disrespect is all about action or non-action. The feeling of respect towards another starts with our thoughts, and that is where we have an opportunity to increase the level of respect in our workplaces. If you want respect, give respect. To give respect, you have to take steps and be “Socially Aware” of your environment. Pay attention to judgments and thoughts that are ever evolving in your brain.

Try to avoid “labeling” individuals into groups: “Trusting, “Not Trusting,” “Competent” Incompetent.”

Try something positive:

Take on conversations with individuals you normally don’t converse with. “Take charge” and engage them in conversation. Ask for feedback and opinions of those you normally wouldn’t. This type of interaction should open some doors for more open dialogue.

If you are in a situation where someone’s hard work and efforts are being unrecognized, speak up for that individual. Always follow honesty and openness when creating and implementing employee policies.

If someone’s comments or behavior seems disrespectful, speak with him or her in a diplomatic manner.