Avoid Legal Issues

Legal issues are something that most of us want to avoid of course unless your an attorney.

Some basic tips for anybody that owns their own business or is involved in a leadership role:

Arm yourself with basic knowledge of business law so that you’re alert to your company’s obligations and rights.

Practice prevention. Have your attorney review contracts and agreements before they’re signed.

Get your attorney’s opinions on documents you have drafted—such as employee policies—before you put them in place. You want to make sure they meet the requirements of the law.

Familiarize yourself with trademark and patent laws so that you don’t violate them. Learn how to apply for a trademark or copyright should you need to do so.

Understand the law as it pertains to your organizational structure. Your legal obligations as a C corporation, for example, will differ from those as a sole proprietor.

Some very basic tips, but the more you know the more prepared you are.