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Brainstorm-Business Ideas/Resources

Posted by Mark Salinas on November 8, 2009

Jobs are scarce, the unemployment rate has hit a 26 year high at over 10%. Do you continue to wait it out plugging away at your current position, maybe you are unemployed?  Other options could include breaking into your own business either part time or full time.

BrainstormSome useful resources and business ideas to get the mind thinking:

Master List of  Home Business Ideas

Business Ideas on a Budget

200 Ways to Start Your Own Business

Did something catch your eye? Start the brainstorming! Keep moving forward!


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Posted by Mark Salinas on January 5, 2009


…………….“Gather and pass on what comes for the depths.” -Paul Klee

I have seen to often that an individual or an organization limit their opportunities by limiting their sources for ideas. Listen to ideas, welcome them. You don’t necesarily have to apply but keep an open mind.

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Fostering Innovatiion

Posted by Mark Salinas on June 23, 2008

In the world today a successful company is always looking at new ideas to help grow the business.

Some ideas:

Show your employees that you think of innovation as an ongoing process. Some ideas will work and some won’t. Keep experimenting.

Listen, listen, listen. Innovation is a collaborative process.

Be open to “accidents,” the unexpected connections that spark new ideas. Inspiration comes from everywhere—often from outside your own field.

Get Feedback from your own employees—they know the company’s problems and goals best. This is probably one time you don’t need outside consultants.

Be patient. Creativity can’t be hurried.

Coming up with new ideas should be an ongoing process…….always in the plan.

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