Promote a Healthy Work Environment

How is the mood at your workplace? Does the environment lack a jump, maybe some energy is missing in the air? Sometimes through complacency comes lack of motivation that can lead to discontent. Possibly a healthy change can help?

Here are 6 tips for starters:

1-Give the employees who work on a computer a hands and wrists break every 30-40 minutes.

2-Ensure healthy beverages and food are available within the workplace.
3-Suggest an outdoor walking meeting (walk and talk).
4-Promote health via memos and bulletin boards etc.
5-Set up a plan through a local health club.
6-Encourage employees to move more.*

*With motion and activity comes the risk of injury. Learn some preventative measures at Ergonomic Resource.

With a healthier environment, a positive more productive workplace is sure to follow!

Remember to lead by example!