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Liked or Respected

Posted by Mark Salinas on December 28, 2008

Would you rather be liked or respected? For me it is simple…I prefer to be respected. I think one that commands respect would carry honestly and integrity into their actions.


How about you, respect or to be liked…what is more important?


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Severance- what should you receive?

Posted by Mark Salinas on December 16, 2008

shakeUnemployment is up to 6.7%! I know many individuals that have been laid off over the past year and it doesn’t lo0k like we are going to see a slow down anytime soon! Fortunately most that are laid off  receive a severance along with all of their vacation pay whether you work for a private or public co. According to a Typical salaried (non-union) severance benefit is two (2) weeks pay for each year of service — to a maximum of 26 weeks.

Typical executive severance benefit will be in the 6 to 12 months range.

For those that are just cut loose without a severance (rare but can happen), talk with your employer and hope that humanity wins out if not look into the State and Federal Laws regarding severance packages.

For more see Severance Packages.

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Posted by Mark Salinas on December 11, 2008

A trait that goes ignored by most individuals in my experience. If one is to respond whether it be good or bad news it is still a response. Don’t you appreciate a response?

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Posted by Mark Salinas on December 5, 2008

Looking for some small business ideas? How about a book to get started?


201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business
by Jane Applegate

101 Small Business Ideas for Under $5000‎
by Corey Sandler

The Teenage Entrepreneur’s Guide: 50 Money-Making Business Ideas‎
by Sarah  L. Riehm

Developing New Business Ideas: A Step-by-step Guide to Creating New Business …‎
by Andrew Bragg

If anything these boks will get the wheels turning.

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Online Training

Posted by Mark Salinas on November 24, 2008

With little time and ‘or convenience many people are turning to distance learning (online). Some benefits:

online1.  Online training can be an affordable alternative. Companies can save up to two-thirds of what classroom-based courses cost.
2.  More and more training vendors are offering online courses. More options means better rates.
3.  Students can ask tutors and instructors questions, and get a personalized response in minutes. In addition, many online training classes provide instant responses to quizzes—providing the employer quick results.
4.  Online courses are as easy as self-tutorials; they provide click-through instructions.
5.  Training content is flexible up until the very moment the student sits in front of the monitor. This makes altering content to address a new technology situation a snap.

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Writers Block

Posted by Mark Salinas on November 17, 2008

I think often we start a blog with so many ideas and information that we think each day it will continue to flow writers-blockeffortlessly. Well in my case content is my biggest challenge and often I find myself with writers block. I mean who really cares what I have to say….not very interesting and just a bunch of ramble pouring out of my thoughts.  I came across a fantastic post that offers much insight, and ideas to keep your blog going, check out—-> 101 Great Posting Ideas That Will Make Your Blog Sizzle.

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Posted by Mark Salinas on November 10, 2008

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to sleep. Poor sleep habits/hygiene are among the most common problems encountered in our society. Trouble sleeping and daytime sleepiness can be indications of poor sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene is one of the often used term in sleep medicine today. It refers to the environmental and sleeplifestyle factors that can affect sleep. Good sleep hygiene practices can prevent the development of sleep problems and disorders.

What are some examples of good sleep hygiene?
1. Do not have television in the bedroom.
2. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and tobacco especially at night.
3. Try to avoid exciting activities when too close to bedtime.
4. Block out light with heavy curtain.
5. Block out noise with ear-plugs or install double layer window glass.
6. Try not to read in bed.
7. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time.
8. Do not eat heavy meal late at night.
9. Avoid rich, spicy and fatty foods.
10. Make sure you have a comfortable bed with a good mattress and pillow.
11. Make sure the room temperature is reasonably cool.
12. Take a warm bath before go to bed.
13. Avoid napping at the day time. If you really need a nap, limited your nap time to 30-45 minutes only.
14. Do regular exercise but not before bedtime.
15. Practice relaxation techniques before bed such as yoga, deep breathing, etc.
16. Don’t take your worries to bed. Leave all of your worries about job, life, daily, school, behind when you go to bed.
17. Sleep when only you feel sleepy.

*Source Ezine

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Interviewing is your opportunity!

Posted by Mark Salinas on November 4, 2008

Although most people dread them, job interview questions are a chance to shine! They are your greatest opportunity to show to the interviewer that you are the best person for the job!


The key is to give better answers than other candidates. Try this:

(1) Anticipate likely questions.

(2) Develop fantastic answers.

(3) Practice, practice, practice!

Be enthusiastic and confident when responding to questions. Don’t rush your answers, don’t ramble on and on, either. Try to, um, avoid, like, using unnecessary words, right? And um, repeating yourself or, like, annoying phrases, you know?

A good technique is to write out your answers to the questions you anticipate, then edit them to make them more concise. Then practice your polished answers out loud, over and over. If you can have someone help you do a “mock interview,” that would be the best way to do this.

Most questions will relate either to your ability to do the job or to the type of employee you will be. Here’s one that is very commonly used to help the interviewer learn about both:

A little bit of common sense and practice will go a long way!

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Posted by Mark Salinas on October 31, 2008

Ok, Let’s take a detour from our common theme….not quite sure what that is but anyway. It is Halloween so how about some Halloween fun?


What Halloween Candy Are You? 3-question quiz… I am a Big Hershey Bar!

Halloween Games…fun!

Halloween recipes!

BOOOO….have fun and be safe!

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Twitter Tools

Posted by Mark Salinas on October 24, 2008

Do you use Twitter? If you do, some tools that you mind find useful….

A tool for managing your Twitter friends:

The 100 most popular Twitterers:

Who just unfollowed you and what your last Tweet was before you unfollowed them:

This is a Twitter app for Blackberry:

This is a Twitter app for iphone:

This is a Twitter app for your Firefox browser:

A desktop Twitter app:

List of groups Twitterers by subjects.

Upload your pictures to Twitter:

A wordpress plugin for Twitter:

List of Twitterers by subject

What URLS are being posted on Twitter:

Twitterers with the most followers.

Twitter cookbook with recipes.

Adobe desktop app for Twitter:

You can unfollow people who are not following you.

A Tweetcloud of popular topics on Twitter in real time. Words shrink and grow.

Similar to Tinyurl – shrinks URLS .

Schedule tweets to be posted at a later date, also can auto thank and autofollow new followers:

Twitter icons:

Search Twitter for specific topics:

Twitter app for OUtlook express – useless for me as a Mac owner –

Find Twitterers with a similar interests:

Group unfollow all of your unfollowers:

Follow a conversation between 2 Twitterers.

Whew! There you have it! Tweet away!

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