Interviewing is your opportunity!

Although most people dread them, job interview questions are a chance to shine! They are your greatest opportunity to show to the interviewer that you are the best person for the job!


The key is to give better answers than other candidates. Try this:

(1) Anticipate likely questions.

(2) Develop fantastic answers.

(3) Practice, practice, practice!

Be enthusiastic and confident when responding to questions. Don’t rush your answers, don’t ramble on and on, either. Try to, um, avoid, like, using unnecessary words, right? And um, repeating yourself or, like, annoying phrases, you know?

A good technique is to write out your answers to the questions you anticipate, then edit them to make them more concise. Then practice your polished answers out loud, over and over. If you can have someone help you do a “mock interview,” that would be the best way to do this.

Most questions will relate either to your ability to do the job or to the type of employee you will be. Here’s one that is very commonly used to help the interviewer learn about both:

A little bit of common sense and practice will go a long way!

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