Target or Walmart?

For about 4 months I have been a frequent participant of Twitter a “micro-blogging” or instant messaging site depending on who you ask. Either way Twitter is a very effective way to get much feedback quickly, see Twitter Why Follow?

On August 8th I posted a simple question Target or Walmart? Not elaborating what so ever, yet the responses did roll in…over the following 3 days 113 responses to the question. The results were: Target-104, Walmart-5, depends, 4. I was a bit surprised by the numbers.

Some of the Twitter responses… @veronicaeye:TARGET! @JooleeAnnA:TARGET!!! @GridironGoddess:target.never ever ever walmart. @tattooedmommie Target or Walmart = it depends, I do both but hate both on any given day. @mmWine:Target. I only go to Wally World if i have NO OTHER OPTIONS @tag156:Walmart for us @girlgamy: OK not sure what this is but I HATE Walmart as a corp and will never shop there and LOVE TARGET & would love a spending spree @lbonline247 Target. Walmart is too big and distracting. With all the TV’s playing I forget what I went in there for. @assignmentdesk7:Target. Target. Target @ShoeSmitten:Target all the way! @kikarose:TARGET! All the way. Walmart is too depressing. @moldymom:Target all the way for me. @erincharp:Target, all the way! I haven’t been to Walmart in YEARS. @workoutmommy:definitely Target!

Just a handful of Twitter responses…..why do the positive responses overwhelmingly support Target?

Where do you prefer to shop? Walmart or Target and why?

6 thoughts on “Target or Walmart?

  1. even if it weren’t for the sheer convenience factor, I would stick with Target (there isn’t a Walmart anywhere near my house, strangely enough). The pharmacy is great, the employees are helpful, the store is less overwhelming and they carry nicer, better looking products

  2. @adajbarber, I agree with you for many of the same reasons! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  3. I have a rather different perspective, I hope you will hear me out. Business practices aside, I prefer Wal-Mart. Why? I used to be an avid Target shopper. I LOVE Target, but that’s the problem. I used to spend hours there enjoying the wide aisles, cute clothes, fewer crowds, and pleasant atmosphere in general. But boy, did I spend money!

    Way too much money! Somehow my impulse control goes out the window in Target. I completely gave up shopping at Target and made the big switch. An interesting thing happened- I had a much happier bank account. Shopping at Wal-Mart, I am in and out. No browsing, no trying on clothes, no raiding the clearance racks. I buy what I need, and I am done. This has reduced our monthly spending tremendously. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming Target for my weaknesses. But in terms of saving money, I am a wiser shopper at Wal-Mart.

  4. @Alyssa, I think many people agree with your perspective. Fantastic feedback and I appreciate you sharing! 🙂


  5. Thanks for linking to my twitter profile!
    There’s just something about Walmart that depresses me. Too much humanity squeezed into those soulless walls.
    Walmart is very functional, but Target feels like a fun outing. They have higher end products and I’m in love with the pharmacy. They call me a few days after prescribing antibiotics. No joke! And I never have to stand in line there.

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