Twitter Why Follow?

We have seen many posts on the subject of Twitter. What is Twitter see WTFisTwitter? An article in USA Today states “Twitter’s audience grew to 2 million users in May from 200,000 in May 2007.” Some say Twitter is micro-blogging, others say Twitter is a more expanded version of Instant Messaging see “Twitter is Not a Micro-Blogging Tool.”

Whatever one thinks Twitter is, I have no doubt that it is a powerful tool that can be used to expand ones business, thoughts, message or just a place to have discussion with others about whatever subject is on your mind.

So I posed the question on Twitter: “When an individual follows you, what are your determining factors for a return follow?” @ShamaHyder After the Launch “I usually follow back anyone who follows me. I WILL unfollow if 1)spammer 2) strikes me as a stalker 3) tweets are vulgur.” More insight from @CherylSmith999 Grow Your Twitter Following also To Friend or Not to Friend

A few responses: @christinekambo of This Week in Health “Similar interests, not a weirdo, adds value, intelligence is not optional!” @Nick kionee of Bytes From Reality “main criteria is, do I know any of the people who tweet this person. Then its do they update often, and are they interesting” @JerryThompson of Looking Up “I always check their past twits and their website. I only follow what “I think” is quality.” @erinely of ElyOrganics ” I always read about them to learn more and I check out their website usually, then I hit follow, lots of interesting peeps” @Surrealistique of Deep Thoughts From the Shallow End of the Pool “I usually look for similar interests, ability to relate, ask myself if they seem like someone I can converse with” @Aronado of Aronado “80% humor 20% Entrepreneurial spirit” @chucksimmins of America’s North Shore Journal “Less than 1,000 being followed, interesting bio, frequent tweets, interesting tweets, recent tweets”
@rosyblue “For me, I see if the person and I have a common interest, might learn something or simply is just funny. I don’t like spam ppl at all.”

As you can see, we have various reasons to follow an individual and a variety of perspectives. What are your determining factors for a return follow?

12 thoughts on “Twitter Why Follow?

  1. There’s still so much to learn about Twitter. Aside from growing your community and learning from others in fields of interest, there are also the short cuts and tips to help make the experience more user friendly.

    I’m always looking for people to follow who can enrich this stage of the journey for me. It’ll be interesting to follow this conversation and see how others determine who to follow.

  2. I always look for a couple of things:

    Do they know someone I know?
    Do we have anything in common?

    And probably the first thing I look for these days is: Are they a spammer? 😉

  3. I check their recent tweets and their bio. Simple, if what they say interests me, I follow.

    I block spammers; that is anyone who’s just promoting their business or who follows many 1000s of people. I’m also not keen when the majority of tweets are @ someone. It’s pointless to follow one side of a conversation.

    I’m always suprised when someone starts following me. Why would they do that?!

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