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Renewing Yourself as a Leader

Posted by Mark Salinas on July 9, 2008

1.Take a time-out each day. Put a “Gone Thinking” sign on your door and don’t let anyone disturb you..

2.Pursue hobbies and interests outside your business. They’ll provide relaxation and may inspire creative ideas that you can feed back into the business.

3.Take a vacation or a sabbatical. (But first, make sure you leave the company in good hands!)

4.Spend time with your family. Kids provide a refreshing perspective.


2 Responses to “Renewing Yourself as a Leader”

  1. I agree that we need more time to think about what we do and how we do it. What’s sad that if someone did put up a sign most people would think they are sleeping or something. It’s that type of sludge that keeps a company from growing.

  2. Mark Salinas said

    @Karl Staib, A plan of action should follow, I believe leading by example, have some results. Also a window or maybe an open door would help. Excellent feedback!

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