Performance Reviews

It is review time, are you prepared?  Some tips:

1. Concentrate on what you and the employee can achieve together in the future. Don’t use performance reviews just as a means of telling workers everything they’re doing wrong.
2. Strive for consistency and fairness. Apply performance criteria to all employees, not just a few.
3. Encourage employees to evaluate themselves and to discuss their own strengths. Your view of an employee and the employee’s view of himself should match fairly well. Otherwise, it’s a warning signal.
4. Be honest about poor performance, but not brutal. Document your observations in writing.
5. If you’re small enough that constant communication and feedback are taking place, you may be able to avoid performance reviews. But don’t send the message that performance isn’t critical.

2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews by: Paul Falcone

It is important for the morale of the employee that performance reviews are done consistently. The employee could start to come to their own conclusions if communication is lacking.

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